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Candi on Establishing Her Identity

Candi talks about identifying as gay and transgender at a young age and how her family and classmates reacted.

Angelo on Why He Keeps Smiling

Angelo has endured multiple traumas in his life. In this clip, he talks about how he has been affected, his grandmother’s wisdom and the importance of smiling.

Nabila on Falling in Love

Following her brother’s suicide and her own suicide attempt, Nabila fell in love, came out to her parents and began to explore what being a Muslim lesbian means to her.

MJ on Losing His Parents

In this clip, MJ tearfully describes losing his parents a month apart, his subsequent substance abuse and how he is coping now.

Jahkari on Being Kicked Out

When Jahkari’s parents discovered his transgender identity, he was handed a duffle bag and told to leave. That’s when he found Sylvia’s Place.

Jusheem on Discovering His Bisexual Identity and Pride

Jusheem shares feelings of fear around exploring his sexuality, and how his last minute participation in a gay parade helped him discover his pride.

Dorell on His Future

Dorell talks about how his birth family and sexuality have impacted his life and what he wants for his future.

Netty on Her Mother

Netty discusses her abuse, it’s effect on her schooling and what she would’ve wanted someone to do to help.

Britney on Being ‘Real’

In this short clip, Britney talks about how she wants others to perceive her gender.

Kevin on Overcoming Peer Pressure

Kevin shares some of the ways in which he used to ‘follow’ his peers before and what he wants for himself and his future now.

Ryan on His Culture and Gender Identity

Ryan talks about how his transgender identity was received differently in his Inuit and English cultures.

Aprel on Her Mental Health

Aprel describes a suicide attempt, being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and how she overcame stigma to accept the help that she needed.

Charlie on Being Adopted

Charlie talks about being adopted by a white family, how his adoption impacted his personality and response to touch, and how others reacted to him.

Slim on Coming Out to Her Family

In this clip, Slim describes the frustration, sadness and relief she felt after her family learned she was a lesbian, and how she wondered things might change.

Mel on Surviving the First Night He Left Home

Mel tells how he helped an acquaintance do his job in exchange for a place to sleep.

Jusheem on Struggling Towards Stability

Jusheem talks about his attempts to escape homelessness and gain stability and his difficulty fending off discouragement long enough to achieve success.

“A Homeless Youth” on Sex and Gender

This young person asked not to have their name disclosed. The youth identifies as intersex and transgender and in this clip, the young person describes how other people’s perception of your sex and gender effects a person’s ability to survive.